Garden Design, Edible Gardens, and Garden Rooms

For over twenty years, Master Gardener Justin Stelter has traveled the world studying garden layouts, designs, and plants in their native habitats. This has heavily influenced his garden design in Franklin, Brentwood, and across middle Tennessee. 

As the head gardener of Carnton Plantation and an advisor to President Andrew Jackson's The Hermitage, Justin Stelter knows not only how to incorporate plants which will thrive in a garden layout, but he also has a vast knowledge about garden styles all over the world and throughout history, including practical edible gardens and luxurious garden rooms.

From simply adding a container garden to a patio to a full Southern layout, Justin Stelter Landscape Gardening can transform your outdoor space into a beautiful, purposeful landscape.  

Garden and Plant Services

  • Garden Design
  • Garden Installations
  • Boxwood & Evergreen Care
  • Dormant Oil Applications
  • Micronutrient Applications
  • Ornamental Plant Care
  • Plant Health Diagnosis
  • Perennial Plant Maintenance
  • Rose Care
  • Tree Care