Justin is Interviewed on the Your Leadership Story Podcast: Cultivating Leadership at the Intersection of Nature, Art, and Business

Justin Stelter has cultivated a distinctive perspective on leadership. He draws on his degree in economics and leverages his fluency in Spanish. But a greater force has shaped Justin as a leader — spending 18 years developing Justin Stelter Landscape Gardening, a premiere services business with revenues any small business person would envy.

If you’re thinking, “guys mowing grass,” think again.

Justin Stelter’s clients include some of Nashville’s most famous residents along with far more “regular” Nashville neighbors. Even more impressive, Justin brings his expertise to historic properties such as The Hermitage, home of Andrew Jackson, the 7th president of the United States, as well as the Carnton Plantation, the site of  The Battle of Franklin during the Civil War.

In this fascinating interview, Justin provides insights that can help any leader.

  • How to work and lead when you control few of the variables you face every day
  • Why developing systems make business growth possible
  • Sensing when to focus on growth and when to pause
  • Leveraging language skills as a differentiator in a crowded business space
  • Communication as a core leadership competence
  • How to leverage business creativity through intentional, international travel
  • Why “serving” is the foundation to success in business
  • How employee retention in a high turnover industry sets a business apart
  • Why a simple and powerful plan makes all the difference . . . until it doesn’t

As you write your leadership story, you’ll be encouraged to learn more about Justin Stelter’s story. You’ll discover that he could have done many things with his entrepreneurial skills but the path he chose has enriched his distinctive leadership story.

If you’re in the Nashville area at some point, you can see Justin’s work ranging from formal gardens, to rustic settings, to suburban homes.