Prevent Weeds For a Beautiful Lawn

If you want to have a beautiful lawn and weed free ornamental beds this year, now is the time to begin the process and one of the first and most important steps is a pre-emergent weed preventer application.
Pre-emergent weed preventer is an herbicide applied on your lawn and in your ornamental beds to prevent weeds from growing.  The application is designed to prevent the seed from germinating, which subsequently stops it from taking root.  Professional pre-emergents are incredibly effective and efficient at preventing most weeds and some undesirable grasses from growing for a period of time, generally ninety days.
The first application of pre-emergent for your lawn typically occurs in late February, weather dependent.  The second application occurs six to eight weeks later.
Unwanted vegetation that may be prevented with the proper use of pre-emergents includes crabgrass, ryegrass, chickweed, and hop clover, just to name a few.    
If you would like to schedule an appointment to learn more about the benefits of using a pre-emergent in your lawn or ornamental beds this year, please call (615) 915-8865 or email
Additional services to consider this month include Annual Lawn Care Program, Annual Systemic Drench, Boxwood Care, Fertilizer Application in Ornamental Beds, Selective Plant Pruning, Shrub and Tree Planting, Soil pH Testing, and Tree Pruning. 
A proper pre-emergent application now will help to create and maintain your beautiful landscape this season!