A New Look At Container Gardening for the Holiday Season (And More)

While planting containers or spaces for seasonal color this year, the subtle and sophisticated shades of green, specifically evergreen plants, will be our first choice.  We plan on shifting the focus this year to evergreens as companion plants in containers and as backdrops in bedding out spaces.  This shift is not only because of their versatility, but also due to their practicality. 

Evergreens can provide wonderful hues of green that range from blue greens to grey greens and even amazing gold greens.  Then, add in all the beautiful shades of green, including forest, olive, avocado, etc., and you realize what a wonderful palette of color evergreens can provide.

Traditional boxwood cultivars that we plant are:  Chicagoland Green, Dee Runk, Elegantissima, Green Mountain, Green Velvet, Jensen and Justin Brouwers.  Some other exciting evergreens we will showcase are:  Drew’s Blue Siberian Carpet Cypress, Grey Owl Juniper, Holger’s Juniper and Lemon Thread Falsecypress.

Planting evergreen combinations as a backdrop and substitute for your seasonal color can deliver a variety of textures and new color combinations for your home during the dreary days of winter.  Be creative.  Plant evergreens for seasonal color.